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Union with God and living our common life as Brothers take precedence over any apostolate we could possibly do. However, in an attempt to be faithful to the words of our Holy Father Saint Francis, to "preach the Gospel always, and when necessary, use words" we choose to be actively involved in efforts to serve Christ in our brothers and sisters.

We are committed to living and proclaiming The Gospel of Life, devoting ourselves to serving and defending the most vulnerable of our society. We try to put this into practice by:

  • Praying and sidewalk counseling at abortion centers.
  • Assisting women and men with crisis pregnancies.
  • Defending the rights of brain–injured or otherwise severely disabled persons who cannot speak for themselves, as well as the elderly or any other vulnerable persons in danger of death by euthanasia, medical killing or care rationing.                            
  • Being a visible witness to the Catholic Faith on our streets, befriending the homeless and outcast, particularly in poor or violent areas most in need ofthe peace and love of JesusChrist.
  • Providing sanctuary in our friary for international survivors of torture, creating a loving, healing environment for them, assisting them on their journey towards independent living and legal asylum, then reuniting them with their families by helping to facilitate travel to the U.S. for their wife and children, if any.
  • Working with refugee families.
  • Visiting shut-ins, those in nursing homes & the hospitalized.



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